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2017 Sponsors and exhibitors


Aegis logo

Martin Deiss
Sales Manage Europe - Electro Static Technology
Tel: +49 (0)7262 912287
Email: martin.deiss@est-aegis.com
Web: www.est-aegis.com

Electric/hybrid vehicles are prone to problems that result from VFD/inverter control of traction motors. The heart of every electric vehicle is an alternating current (AC) 3-phase traction motor/generator. Yet the batteries that power these motors provide direct current (DC). So, inverters (variable frequency drives or VFDs) are needed to convert DC to AC. But VFDs induce voltages on the shafts motors that can discharge through motor bearings, destroying them through electrical discharge machining and creating electromagnetic interference (EMI or RFI) in vehicle systems.

Proven in over a million installations worldwide, AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings channel these damaging currents away from bearings safely to ground, protecting AC traction motors and connected equipment/systems.

And AEGIS® Rings eliminate stray currents that produce EMI/RFI` problems with onboard computer controls, wireless sensors, AM/FM radio reception, Bluetooth communications, and personal electronic devices.


Aradex logo

Christina Klösel
Communication Design & Marketing - ARADEX AG
Tel: +49 7172 91810
Email: ckloesel@aradex.com
Web: www.aradex.com

ARADEX AG develops economical and long-term solutions for the electrification of commercial vehicles, construction machines and ships. Due to our long-standing experience in developing highly efficient power electronics and control technology game-changing drive solutions can be implemented.

The advantages of ARADEX products lie in the fast integration of the drive components into a system in order to guarantee the greatest possible flexibility for our customers. A competent partner in the area of power electronics, ARADEX offers not only electric motors, inverters, batteries, DC/DC converters and controls but also comprehensive services and advisory services. At the IVT electric & hybrid industrial vehicle technology symposium 2017 we will be presenting the latest developments in power electronics for the electric drive of mobile applications.


artemis logo

Alasdair Robertson
Commercial Director
Tel: +44 131 440 6260
Email: a.robertson@artemisip.com
Web: www.artemisip.com

Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd is leading hydraulics into the digital age - with our Digital Displacement® pump and motor technology. By replacing the variable-stroke analogue mechanisms of traditional pumps with computer-controlled valves, we achieve revolutionary improvements in efficiency, controllability and noise. As well as applications in renewable energy, industrial equipment and on-highway hybrid vehicles, we are now working with leading OEMs and a major Tier 1 manufacturer to bring Digital Displacement to the construction, material handling and agricultural machinery markets.

Our test and development centre in Scotland continues to demonstrate this disruptive technology in customer applications, with dramatic improvements of fuel efficiency and productivity.


AVL logo

David Hellwig
Business Development Electrification - AVL DEUTSCHLAND GMBH
Tel: +49 89 307497 374
Fax: +49 +49 89 307497 353
Mobile: +49 151 55144886
Email: david.hellwig@avl.com
Web: www.willkommen-bei-avl.de

AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems as well as instrumentation and test systems.

the challenge

Despite the reductions in emissions for new vehicles in recent years, the global progress in cutting harmful gases and particles emitted by internal combustion engines is still not going fast enough. Consequently, legislators all around the world are increasingly passing bills and stringent regulations in order to bring about the expected emissions reduction. Electrifying powertrains of modern vehicles has become an appropriate means of providing longterm sustainability. However, for OEMs to address the complex challenges associated with the electrification of powertrains, several questions arise:

  • How to cope with the increasing complexity in such powertrain developments?
  • Which powertrain concept suits a vehicle platform most – from hybrid to fully electric and all the options in between?
  • How to select the right battery type to support the vehicle needs?
  • How to optimize the fit of new electric components and auxiliary systems into powertrain systems?
  • How to cut development cost and reduce time-to-market at the same time?


With over 60 years of experience in powertrain development, AVL offers scalable, customized and robust electrification solutions. This way our customers benefit from:

  • Faster Time-to-Market: efficient simulationdriven design processes based on frontloading approach
  • First Time Right: conceptual design and simulationbased verification with most advanced methodologies and tools
  • Best in Class: objective and comprehensive benchmarks on series batteries, supporting our customers to choose the right balance of attributes to facilitate their vehicle strategy
  • Flexible Testing: from simulation, emulation, HiL, testbeds to road tests. AVL solutions are optimized to flexibly support our customers´ modular electrification needs
  • Fast, Global Network: AVL´s tech centers and service teams are always on site and ready to support our customers – wherever and whenever they need it

Explore AVL’s electrifying user journey and find out more.

AxleTech International

Axletech logo

Cynthia Norris
Strategic Planning & Marketing Manager - AxleTech International
Tel: (248) 822-7508
Email: cynthia.norris@axletech.com
Web: www.axletech.com

AxleTech International is a leading specialty vehicle drivetrain technology company. We design, develop, and manufacture drivetrain systems and components, including electric powertrain systems, for on-highway and off-highway vehicle applications. Our success lies in our engineering expertise and understanding of customer needs to develop custom solutions. From single components to complete systems, we provide electric drive technology that delivers the optimal packaging and performance. For more information about AxleTech, please visit www.axletech.com.

Bakker Magnetics B.V.

Bel logo

Niels van Beek
Sales Engineer - Bakker Magnetics B.V.
Tel: +31 (0)40 2678 820
Email: n.v.beek@bakkermagnetics.com
Web: www.bakkermagnetics.com

We develop, test and produce magnetic products and solutions. With more than 45 years of knowledge and experience and our flexible approach we ensure a solid answer to any magnetic need. We are flexible, fast, smart and always focused on quality and on our customers’ needs. Whether that need for Drive & Motion Automotive, Oil & gas or E-mobility, we offer custom made magnetic solutions for any industry or application. We have our own production to assemble and test prototypes, always in close collaboration with our clients. Our professional and dedicated engineering department thrives on meeting specific customer needs or requirements. Our large stock in magnets (one of the largest in Europe) makes it easy to meet short delivery times. With our own test centre and laboratory we measure and guarantee the quality and specifications of our magnets before shipment. We are ISO certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).

Bel Power Solutions & Protection

Bel logo

Frank Vondenhoff
Business Development Manager - Bel Power Solutions
Tel: +31 (0)6 2221 9505
Email: Frank.Vondenhoff@psbel.com
Web: www.belfuse.com/power-solutions

Bel Power Solutions & Protection offers world-class AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion products, value-add solutions, complete box-build solutions and contract manufacturing services, along with a complete portfolio of electronic circuit protection devices. Bel is one of the leaders in eMobilty with it DC/DC converters, inverters, inverter chargers and on-board battery chargers and a technology leader in the development of high-efficiency and high-power density power conversion products. It supports global customers and local markets with strategically located manufacturing and R&D facilities around the world. Applications of Bel´s eMobility products are for example electric (hybrid) buses, trucks, yachts / boats, light commercial vehicles, tow tractors, construction equipment and mining vehicles.

Bender GmbH & Co

Bender logo

Frank Mehling
Product Manager - Bender GmbH & Co.KG
Tel: +49 6401 807-378
Fax: +49 6401 807 29 378
Email: frank.mehling@bender.de
Web: https://www.bender.de/en

Bender GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters and innovation center in Grünberg, Hesse is a globally active medium-sized family company and leading provider of top-class electrical safety products and solutions.

The range covers applications in the field of mobility for electric or hybrid vehicles, energy generation and distribution, regenerative energy extraction and applications in building technology and various other industrial areas. The development and production of components for the sensitive medical sector is one of the key focus areas for products.

Bender is a globally-positioned company which currently employs about 700 people around the world and records an annual turnover of about 110 million euros (2016). More than 20 percent of the employees work in research and development. Bender is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, with its own companies in 14 countries. Production is at two sites in Germany.


epec logo

Janina Pfesdorf
Tel:+49 (0) 221 822-5574
Email: janina.pfesdorf@deutz.com
Web: www.deutz.com/en

Originally founded as N.A. Otto & Cie. in Cologne, Germany, in 1864, DEUTZ AG is now the world's oldest engine company and one of the world's leading independent engine manufacturers. Its core competences are the development, design, production, distribution and servicing of diesel and gas engines for professional applications. The engine special-ist offers a broad spectrum of liquid-cooled and aircooled engines with capacities ranging from 25 kW to 620 kW, which are used in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, material handling, power-generation plant, commercial and rail vehicles.

DEUTZ offers its customers a comprehensive and short-termed support by 13 distribution companies, 7 sales offices and over 800 sales and service partners in more than 130 countries around the world.

Epec Oy

epec logo

Teemu Raitis
Managing Director
Tel:+358 (0)20 7608111
Email: teemu.raitis@epec.fi
Web: www.epec.fi

Epec Oy is a control system specialist for mobile machinery. We can offer a total solution including R&D and production of electronic control units, system engineering, software development and technical consultancy. Epec was founded in 1978 and the headquarter of the company is in Seinäjoki, Finland.

We have a long experience with embedded systems in harsh operating environments. Epec control units and displays are based on robust designs and proven solutions to withstand extreme environmental conditions. All Epec products are manufactured in our factory in Finland to guarantee high quality of deliveries and reliable operation of the products in the field.

Standardized communication interfaces and software configurable features of the products enable efficient and flexible system integration to meet specific needs of a machine. Further, Epec software products seamlessly support system design to achieve shortest time-to-market of a development project.

Epec also provides engineering services from small-scale projects to complete turnkey solutions. Our knowledge and wide experience about mobile machines create the foundation for our skills to help machine manufacturers and partners to develop the most innovative products.

Gasilage AB

KST logo

Kurt Hansson
Tel: +46 224 29250 / 0224-23035
Email: kurt.hansson@gasilage.se
Web: www.gasilage.se

The Cable Tractor - The key to a good electrical tractor is to supply the current

Electricity is in many ways the optimal fuel for a tractor. Electric motors are highly efficient and work at their best at the low velocities typical for agricultural work. They allow implements to be controlled with higher precision than before. Their Achilles’ heel is the supply of current. Energy intense fieldwork requires large and costly batteries.

Our solution is to use the grid as a battery! We have developed a cable feed mechanism to connect tractors and other vehicles to the grid. Modern cables from the mining machinery transfer power in a safe manner whilst our mechanism ensures that the cable does not interfere with tractor or implements. That way it is possible to replace heavy batteries for the most energy intense work, allowing an as good and cheap supply of current as possible.

KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG

KST logo

Christine Skribanek
Sales - KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG
Tel: +49 6322 799 378
Email: christine.skribanek@kst-motorenversuch.de
Web: www.kst-motorenversuch.de

KST Motorenversuch, Germany - with 50 years of experience - is an independent service provider for the development of combustion and electrical engines, especially for the automotive, commercial vehicle, and heavy-duty engine manufacturers, as well as for their suppliers.

KST provides an extensive testing in the following segments:

  • Passenger Car engine testing up to 460kW
  • Commercial vehicle engine testing up to 800kW
  • Onroad / offroad Heavy Duty engine testing up to 4 MW
  • Emissions: Engine calibration (EU, EPA); Real Driving Emissions
  • Electric drive testing: Rotatory testing of high-voltage electric motors under harsh environmental conditions; Testing of hybrid powertrain systems (48V onboard power supply)
  • Transmission development: Mechanical testing; Efficiency analysis; Customer specific testing of transmissions, differentials, clutches etc.
  • Powertrain testing: Investigation of the interplay of all components under realistic operational conditions
  • Exhaust gas system development: Modal and vibration analysis; Resonance durability testing with resonance tracking
  • Retarder testing
  • Component strength analyses
  • Lube and fuel testing
  • On-road vehicle testing

70 modern test benches are available including the advanced measurement equipment. KST has accredited test facilities for his purpose.

LION Smart

Lion smart logo

Uta Hummitzsch
Assistant Manager - LION Smart GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)89 360 363 210
Email: uta.hummitzsch@lionsmart.com
Web: www.lionsmart.com

LION Smart is a highly innovative engineering service company for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers of the automotive and the aerospace industry, as well as other industries. Utilizing Kreisel Electric’s latest laser technology, LION Smart offers battery pack prototyping and series production and is able to offer best practice and ground breaking battery systems and solutions along with advanced manufacturing. Together with the Joint Venture TÜV SÜD Battery Testing, the company operates test facilities and test laboratories for electric storage systems on cell, module and pack level. LION Smart provides advisory services in lithium-ion storage technology and performs an ambitious research program on Battery Management Systems (MS), maintaining strong links with research centers and universities. Using sophisticated BMS algorithms and the latest hardware, high performance battery packs, that meet the challenges of a growing E-Mobility market, are being developed.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix contact logo

Julia Krüger
Marketing Communications - PHOENIX CONTACT E-Mobility GmbH
Tel: +49 5235 3-30043
Email: jkrueger@phoenixcontact.com
Web: www.phoenixcontact-emobility.com

Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH was founded in January 2013. Within the Phoenix Contact Group it is the center of expertise for components and solutions in electric mobility. We develop charging systems and charging controllers for DC and AC charging.

Our customers see us as a complete provider of components for the charging infrastructure and for the charging interface to the vehicle. For application-oriented solutions we also offer appropriate software for an individual charging infrastructure.

As an innovator in this field, we set new benchmarks with the future development and worldwide standardization of a modern charging infrastructure, which is suitable for everyday life. Thus we make a relevant contribution for the acceptance of electric mobility in todays‘ society.


Refu logo

Christina Grosse Kathoefer
Head of Operational Marketing - REFU Elektronik GmbH
Tel: +49 (0) 7121 4332 182
Email: christina.grossekathoefer@refu.com
Web: www.refu-drive.com

REFU Elektronik, founded in 1965, uses its extensive expertise in the fields of battery storage systems and high-performance electronics to design and deliver cost- effective, economically efficient and environmentally aware solutions; wherever machinery needs to be mobile.

Whether in automated vehicles for transporting containers, shearer loaders used in mining or as a power source for modern municipal vehicles, REFUdrive system solutions help ensure flexible performance. The key lies in an ability to combine expertise in controllable electronic power systems, switchgear cabinet design and electric mobility with fully customizable design and production skills. The result is new, sustainable benchmarks – summed up as for a green driven future.


Visedo logo

Nina Harjula
CMO - Visedo
Tel: +358 50 518 0915
Email: nina.harjula@visedo.com
Web: www.visedo.com

Visedo is changing the way the world moves with heavy duty hybrid and electric power for marine vessels and commercial vehicles.

Simply put, our mission is to end pollution through electrification.

We’re doing this by having the market’s most efficient electric propulsion systems, designed and engineered for purpose. Our drivetrains deliver more power, with less fuel consumption and cleaner air for our customers.

Visedo technology is backed by our dedicated sales and support teams who will ensure successful delivery of your project from beginning and through its operational lifetime.

Our vision is to be a knowledge leader in the drive to deliver heavy-duty vehicle applications. We’ve assembled the sharpest minds in the industry to drive our dream of replacing diesel.

Electrification will happen just once in our lifetime and a pollution-free future is fast becoming reality.

Vehicle Applications:
  • Excavators
  • Construction
  • Open mining and quarrying
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural
  • Crane and heavy lift
  • Road building
  • Lawn and garden
  • Forklift trucks
  • Airport ground support
  • Container handling
  • Municipal and cleaning
  • AGV/SGVs
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