February 13 & 14, 2019
Köln Messe, Cologne, Germany

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Speaker Interviews

Speaker interview: Ralf Plieninger, Deutz

Ralf Plieninger, head of electrification at Deutz, shows how electrified powertrains have already earned their place in the off-highway vehicle industry. Nevertheless, internal combustion engines will continue to be the main power source for heavy-duty applications. Thanks to modern exhaust gas treatment technology and synthetic fuels, diesel engines can be an environmentally friendly option.

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Speaker interview: Bill van Amburg, Calstart

Bill Van Amburg, executive vice-president, Calstart, the USA’s industry association working to develop cleaner, more efficient transportation solutions, talks about the importance of collaboration across the industry to meet ever-more stringent emissions requirements.

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Speaker interview: Willem Nieuwland, Hyster

Willem Nieuwland, project leader for Hyster’s zero-emissions Laden Container Handler, discusses the challenges and possibilities of electrification and the relative merits of batteries and hydrogen. In addition to these topics, his presentation will also touch upon the ways to allow vehicles to go longer without recharging or refueling, as well as the possibilities for energy recovery in off-highway vehicles.

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